Welcome to The Skull Base Congress! 

Welcome to the Skull Base Congress, a global community of skull base surgeons.  This free website is dedicated to the exchange of educational materials related to skull base surgery.  Although the primary focus is on endoscopic techniques and the endoscopic endonasal approach, all skull base topics will be discussed.

This website utilizes a treatspace architecture that incorporates many unique features that are designed to promote interaction among the members of the Skull Base Congress.  Members have the opportunity to participate in on-line discussions, submit cases for discussion, “follow” each other, and communicate with other members.

Every effort has been made to incorporate the cognitive science of learning to make the learning process fun and effective. The educational content is organized around a  “theme,” presented as a Case with related materials in Anatomy Spotlight, Surgical Theater, Quiz, and Journal Club.  The aforementionedinclude anatomy highlights, discussion of the literature, self-test quizzes, and reviews of surgical technology. 

We hope that you, as a member of the Skull Base Congress,  will enjoy all of the benefits of participation in this community.

Ongoing Projects

NASBS 2017 collaborative presentation